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The hardship of it is immediate, but it never feels forced or exploitative. [Kathleen] Hepburn cares for her characters too much to force matters in such a way.

Psychologists such as John B. Watson , Robert Plutchik , and Paul Ekman have suggested that there is only a small set of basic or innate emotions and that fear is one of them. This hypothesized set includes such emotions as acute stress reaction , anger , angst , anxiety , fright, horror , joy , panic , and sadness . Fear is closely related to, but should be distinguished from, the emotion anxiety , which occurs as the result of threats that are perceived to be uncontrollable or unavoidable. [1] The fear response serves survival by generating appropriate behavioral responses, so it has been preserved throughout evolution . [2]

Pittcore - EndorphinePittcore - EndorphinePittcore - EndorphinePittcore - Endorphine