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When Yahshua transfigured there were two other figures on the mountain with him that appeared (Moses and Elijah), in this way Haile Selassie I transfigured with Marcus Mosiah Garvey as Elijah and King Emmanuel as father Moses. But as the Father and Son are one, just as Yahshua, Moses and Elijah formed that trinity on the mountain, we the house of the Bobo Shanti see these three man as three different man in flesh but in one entity and spirit, as spirit has no boundaries.
Now Christ means anointed person or Messiah in Hebrew, we say Ha Masheak meaning Messiah or Mashiah.
Moses is also seen as the Black Christ because he was the anointed Messiah of his time to redeem the house of Ysrayl. There are several titles for King Emmanuel as in terms of the Messiah and the God Head, we call him king Jacob, Abraham, Father Moses, Yesus The Black Christ, Haile Selassie I In his Priestly Character, Melchizedec Etc.
We know many will contest these reasonings and concepts but this is how we see the Almighty YAH. In three persons Marcus Garvey being father, King Emmanuel our son, and Haile Selassie I Our Holy One.
For without the Prophet Marcus Mosiah Garvey, we get no vision, without Priest Emmanuel no ceremonial order for the sanctification of the Soul, and without the King Haile Selassie I no Nation. Emperor Haile Selassie I in the spirit is the One in Three and Three in One. When we look for this trinity in the flesh today we could not go further than Marcus Garvey, Prince Emmanuel, and Haile Selassie I.
With the spirit all is possible, but in real mathematical terms three can't go into one but one can go into three, so one spirit for the Bobo Shanti in three persons are John the Prophet Marcus Garvey, Yesus The Black Christ King Emmanuel, King David The Almighty Emperor Haile Selassie I.


For Bobo Shanti King Emmanuel is Yesus the son of Emperor Haile Selassie I, the man who they not necessarily crucified with nails to a cross, but a crucifixion by bad words and slander like what we see them do to King Emmanuel even from the other Rastafari Mansions. Bobo Shanti are witness as made to prove that King is Emmanuel is the Black Christ that rose in Jamaica in the 20th century.
When others look at King Emmanuel's works they are often quick to judge the statement “I Am The Black Christ In Flesh” and argue that only Haile Selassie I Is Yesus The Black Christ. No Rastafari will crucify Haile Selassie I with bad words for being seen as YAH, but we see other Rastafari and comb hair fight King Emmanuel, the son of Haile Selassie who you see as YAH, the son of YAH the Christ.
You become the Black Christ when you acknowledge the god you see in the Emperor in yourself, he gives you life so he is in you, he is not just a figure to be glorified by photos and portraits he is some one that enters you and makes the world glorify you, such is the principle with the house of Bobo Shanti giving reverence onto King Emmanuel.

Here and now we have the Rt. Hon. Prince Emmanuel Charles Edwards the 7th the High Priest, the Mighty I AM the IAM, First begotten son of the Most High God YAH RASTAFARI, fighting against the scribes and the pharisees defying Pharaoah and his hosts.
Our Father King Selassie I, did send forth a Son in the Earth to bear the cross, to hear the tribulation because the King even sits in Glory. Just as Moses led Ysrayl across the waters and through the wildernis. The same works this Man Yesus Christ of Nazareth is here to perform. To lead the Black House of Ysrayl. Moses performed Godly works so I and I could not see Him Less than YAH Himself, because these are works unto YAH..
If a man performs the works that is of YAH, then he is one with the Father, God and Man. Just as Yesus Christ is one with the Father (The Father and the Son is one), two different physicals manifesting the same Power.
Prophesy shows us that no one goeth unto the Father but by the Son. So that is why we have to see the Hon. Prince Emmanuel Charles Edwards the Black Christ in Flesh in His Fullness. He is the same Christ form that time till this time. The Son that went to prepare a place for InI.
Marcus Garvey, the late Jamaican political activist, advocated the formation of an African homeland for Black Americans. The Black Nationalist leader later founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association and his thinking has influenced the growth of the Bobo Shanti Bobo Shanti are bent on fulfilling Garvey's vision, the core of the vision is repatriation to the homeland Mama Africa.
"Reparation would suffice after repatriation," Those are the words of our Honourable High Priest Emmanuel.
King Emmanuel once told his followers that reparation should be channelled through the Ethiopian Bank since the head office of the Organization of African Union (OAU) is in Ethiopia.

Capleton - Never Let Us DownCapleton - Never Let Us DownCapleton - Never Let Us DownCapleton - Never Let Us Down