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We are extremely happy to announce that Wobbler's seminal second album Afterglow has gotten a complete remix from original producer Lars Fredrik Frøislie. Says he: "With my current studio setup I was finally able to achieve the sound I originally wanted. I feel that the album finally breathes the way it was supposed to, with much better dynamics. I have also included some overdubs from the original recording that were left out in the first mix. We think you will see the album in a whole new light now". In the same go he also remixed the best-selling third album Rites at Dawn. "I cleaned up the sound and arrangements a bit. There's a lot more space and clarity now", says Lars of the remix.

Hop on over to our shop and get these before they sell out, as Wobbler's stuff tends to go quickly.

Various - Simple Remixed 2Various - Simple Remixed 2Various - Simple Remixed 2Various - Simple Remixed 2